Out of China Covid Crisis Comes Celebration

get online with Youghal web design

Out of crisis comes celebration.

Let’s celebrate our newfound freedom by getting a website for our hobbies and/or business.

About your new website

We shall overcome and we did by determination plus when the exigencies of prohibition demanded it, we got stuck in and here we are out the other side-ready for action.

A website shows off your hobbies and your business you can nail it to the end of your texts and emails this is SEO by any other name.

Make it part of your twitter and instagram profile spread the word.

Why don’t you order yours now!

Writing and posting a post on your site


You have some news or some new products or you simply want to log your ideas and put them out there. Once your site is set up it will be connected to all your social media.

Keep it short and sweet.

You posting will update all media and then you should like and share.

Soon you will get into the habit of posting and will post on the go using your WordPress website.

In actual fact people look for the website connection on your Insta-facebook and twitter pages there they get a better impression of you and what you are selling or your ideas and plans.

People who look at your site will share it.

From here, the reader could go to your other blog posts, read your about me page, join your email list or straight up just buy your products.

In this journey, the singular goal of your blog post is to convert the reader into an email subscriber

Planning Your Website=pen and paper

Planning Your Website=pen and paper-strange all right but using pen and paper gives you a fluid concentration and fluid ideas.

Just imagining what a site is going to look like is not enough putting it down on paper gives you a hard copy.

So to create a good and solid website, you need a good and solid plan.

Describe your site

Purpose of your site

  1. What am I going to do with this?
  2. Who is going to read this?
  3. What kinds of information will I be posting?
  4. Why am I doing this?
  5. Who am I doing this for?
  6. How often am I going to be posting and adding information?

Your idea is

“The website will be dedicated to providing news and information on computers, web pages, and the internet and cover the topics of computer tips, web page design, and internet news.”

Under Computer Tips (a Category)

Sub categories Software and Hardware

Computer Tips

– Windows
– Linux
– Mac

Internet News
Web Page Design

– Web Standards
– WordPress

– – Plugins
– – Themes

Then you write about these. And expand Ram,motherboard etc

As people like uniformity there are the regular pages:

Welcome, About Us, Services, Gallery,Contact Us,

Adding a Contact form to a Page

You can use any title for a contact page.
Connect-contact-say hello-Questions etc.
The contact page is left at the end of your page menu in appearances-menu there tick contact page box then add and it will be added to the menu then click SAVE.
If you look at sites the contact page is the last on the  right hand side on the page bar.